Bhringraj Hair Oil For Healthy Hair, Benefits & How To Use?

Our crowning glory, this mesmerizing resplendence, the luscious long thick hair that Every girl wishes to adore on their scalps. Every human regardless of their gender cherishes their hair.
Here is the power of Ayurveda combined with the goodness of Hemp in Bhringraj Hair Oil in helping you to groom this glory!

Bhringraj Oil For Hair Growth

Hair has always been an icon of beauty. While the other standards of beauty have been constantly shattered and reconstructed, thick healthy hair irrespective of its length remains the crowning glory.

But with a sharp hike in our stress levels combined with fluctuating sleep-wake cycles and almost complete absence of nutritional food in our diet, the quality of our hair is crimpling beyond limits. From premature graying, increased hair loss, lowered hair growth, thinning of hair, split ends, reduced protein concentrations, the list just goes on and so forth.

Among our busy schedules and very varied lifestyle, it might not be possible to provide this glorious crown with its needed nutrition. Most often what we need is the right care in the most simple yet effective way.

This is where IMROZ skin care comes to the rescue with our new Hemp Bhringraj Hair Oil.

IMROZ is a skincare brand from Ananta Hemp Works. We strive to put forward the best, sustainable, natural and GMO-free products to our customers.

Benefits of Bhringraj Oil

Bhringraj oil promotes hair growth by increasing the blood flow to the roots and helps in fighting hair fall with regular use.

Combined with Hemp seed oil, this magical concoction based on ayurvedic formulation is the perfect remedy for soft, shiny, and thick hair. Leads to improved quality of hair and also helps fight skin infections and inflammations.

Importance of Oil in Ensuring Hair Health

According to Ayurveda, oil has minute penetrating action that reaches the underlying skin layers through the hair follicles and promotes better nourishment and thus enhanced hair growth. Recent research has found that herb-infused oil shows better hair growth patterns with improved scalp and hair health.

Imroz Hair Oil with BHRINGRAJ, Hemp & Shikakai


Although this formulation consists of many herbs and their essential oils.  A few of the very important ingredients have been elaborated.

  • Bhringraj (Eclipta Alba) Oil:

This majestic floating herb is potentially the best ingredient that enhances hair growth. It is used effectively for the treatment of hair fall, premature graying of hair. The term Bhringraj is given to False daisy as it improves the hair texture and makes it soft and smooth like that of a peacock. It has Keshya Guna or the ability to improve hair quality. It is useful in improving eyesight as well as reducing gray hair.

Bhringraj is one compulsory ingredient in all oil formulations that promote hair growth. The presence of tannin as its chemical constituent also helps to give a temporary blackening of hair. Although with regular use it helps to enhance natural hair color as well.

  • Hemp seed oil:

Hemp is another extraordinary herb whose cold-pressed seed oil helps to enhance hair growth. Hemp has an astringent metabolic end effect (Katu Vipaka) that helps to maintain antimicrobial action on the scalp and reduces episodes of dandruff and other hair troubles. While the main cause for your health issues has been cleaners, it further boosts the natural growth of hair. Hemp seed oil also helps to enhance the blood circulation of the scalp, thus enhancing hair growth. It helps to lock moisture in hair and prevents damage. While it promotes hair growth, it also adds to a shine and enhances the volume of your hair.

  • Shikakai (Acacia Concinna Fruit) Oil: 

Shikakai is the best traditional herb that promotes hair growth, controls dandruff, and even relieves skin problems. It also works as a natural hair conditioner, strengthens the hair follicles, improves the quality of hair, cleanses the hair and scalp and removes dirt, and relieves scaling, itching, and even greasing of hair. The Saponin content in it is the factor that favors natural conditioning. While it cleanses the scalp, its hot potency (Ushna Virya) acts against dandruff and itching. Its decoction is traditionally used to kill head lice.

How to Use?

Step 1. Apply lukewarm oil in circular motion onto the scalp.

Step 2. For best results, after applying the oil, wrap your hair with a hot towel.

Step 3. Rinse after 20-30 minutes.

Here is that wonderful option to enhance the heavenly goodness of your crown using the mystic power of Ayurveda using the all-time powerful herbs used authentically in Ayurveda.

See the change and feel the power this simple hair oil is going to give you!

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